about me/more

in english: i am a married woman and work in the lutheran protestant church of bavaria, germany. I publish something in english at this blog – search for „english“!
At my private website (www.familie-zwoelfer.de) is something more in english language
I did offer 2 workshops at the international scientific conference about transsexuality at the goethe university frankfurt a.M. in Feb. 2016 – you can read more about this conference in english here: http://www.uni-frankfurt.de/57796381/1_home?


  • I am a member of the trans-evidence working group (executive board).
  • facebook: Dorothea.J.Zwoelfer
  • Xing (Dorothea Zwölfer)
  • LinkEd
  • Fediverse bei .kirche.social (Mastodon) und sueden.social (Mastodon )


If you are able to speak german, read the other informations in german or contact me with your questions. You can get in contact here: http://www.familie-zwoelfer.de/contact


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